Adam Glick

Adam Glick

Adam is a casual California surfer who travels and lives in his camper van when he’s not on charter. He likes to consider himself the “adventure chef,” always seeking new heights and challenges and befriending strangers wherever he cooks. After earning his degree in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of California - San Diego, and working in San Diego’s finest restaurants, he set out for the open ocean. Working on yachts for over 10 years now, chef Adam has vast experience as a high-end gourmet chef, both on land and at sea. Like many chefs, he considers himself strict in the kitchen, where he enforces a “my galley, my rules” policy. After a soul-searching summer traveling through the Pacific Northwest foraging with his van, Adam returns to the Mediterranean with a renewed sense of focus and a stronger culinary game.


As an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, the idea of 'doing a good deed daily' was instilled in Adam's life. Recently Chef Adam has found his calling, and a way to give back. "I come from a long line of teachers and I realize now, it's what I was meant to do. Two of my greatest passions combined have come together, not only to help heal the children, but also myself."

"My first day helping to teach these kids how to surf in Malibu, CA, I was hooked, inspired, and relieved. I'm starting to think the surf therapy is actually for the adults and surf instructors. The smile on these kids faces is priceless and makes you feel amazing inside." Chef Adam not only volunteers for these Surf Therapy Organizations, but is also committed to donating private dinners for two, at auction, to benefit the charities. 

 "(AWOW)A WALK ON WATER provides Surf Therapy to individuals with special needs by hosting Surf Therapy events that celebrate and honor courageous kids, adults and their families. For one beautiful day at the beach, there are no labels. Everyone is an athlete.."

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