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Our knives speak for themselves, but a little love from other media outlets are always appreciated also. You don't have to take our word for it, see for yourself why people love our knives so much.

Oliva Elite Chef's Knife

"This is seriously, one of the best German knives in my kitchen, and my wife also loves this knife. It's stays nice and sharp, has a thin cutting profile, and the olive wood handle is one of the best real wood handles I have used. It's curvy and and shapely, and very comfortable to hold."


Don't Miss these amazing 4th of july Sales
on Summer Gear, Style and more

Perfect for road trips or camping, this portable set makes preparing food a breeze. The set includes a folding chef's knife, a cutting board and case. In celebration of July Fourth, this set will be discounted 40% from July 2 to July 4. Messermeister is a women-owned, California-based company that creates unusual knives the old fashioned way for durability.

Food & Wine: How to cook, drink and
entertain better in your vacation rental

By Melanie Hansche 

Even before the Great Disruption of 2020 necessitated short trips closer to home, one of my superpowers was booking vacation rentals that met (or exceeded, even!) my every whim. I'm that person who trawls booking sites for hours on end, poring over every detail of a listing, its photos, and reviews...

BON APPETIT: This One Knife Has Replaced
Almost All the Other Cutlery in My Kitchen

Useful and multipurpose, the Messermeister Kawashima utility knife perfectly lives up to its name. By Amanda Shapiro

“Useful, especially through being able to perform several functions” is how the dictionary defines “utility.” Ever since my first grown-up kitchen, I’ve been wedded to the same standard 8-inch chef’s knife, plus a rotating case of paring knives. But since the Messermeister Kawashima 6-inch utility knife entered my life a few months ago, it’s been pretty much glued to my hand.

Saveur: Stay sharp with one
of the 7 best knife sets

By Gregory Han

Most chefs and food professionals will tell you it’s best to buy kitchen knives one by one, cherry-picking each for specific tasks. But if you’re a home cook looking to outfit an entire kitchen in one swoop or start fresh without months of shopping, consider the knife set. It’s the simplest route to dicing onions and slicing meats smoothly...

Men's Journal: Top-of-the-line Japanese Knives
to elevate your knife skills

by Perri O. Blumberg

You may not be an Iron Chef (yet), but it’s safe to say your knife skills have come a long way in the past year. And while many opt to use European chef’s knives, there’s good reason to invest in Japanese knives. For one, their construction gives you precision when making very specific knife cuts, whether hasu-giri (diagonal cuts), sen-giri (matchsticks), or wagiri (thin rounds). For another, they’re durable. And last but certainly not least...

Los Angeles TIMES:
Cool Gear

By Mary Forgione

When I camp and backpack, I’m a heat-up-noodles kind of person. For gourmet campers, the correct tools can make a difference. Messermeister, a woman-owned business based in Ojai, sells a line of Adventure Chef knives for those who want to “cook outside like a pro.” One item of note: a folding 6-inch chef’s knife...

Serious eats: The best steak knives of 2021

by Sasha Marx

Like having a collection of houseplants, or a large reusable tote bag stuffed to the brim with more reusable tote bags, owning a set of steak knives is a tangible, material proclamation of adulthood achieved. Steak knives appear on seemingly every wedding registry for a reason: They fall into that category of aspirational but non-essential household items you always wanted to have, but maybe never felt the need to drop a serious chunk of change on for yourself...

Serious eats: The Best honing steel (Not sharpening steel!) For your Knife

by Daniel Gritzer

One of the biggest misconceptions about the particular type of kitchen tool you see above is the belief that it's a knife sharpener. It doesn't help that many manufacturers sell their honing steels as such. But a honing steel is not a sharpener. Ridged, rod-like honing steels, or "stropping irons," as they're sometimes called, do not sharpen blades; they realign them...

Serious eats: Why You Should Own
a Pair of Good Kitchen Shears

by Daniel Gritzer

Kitchen shears are one of those afterthought culinary tools. Many people simply don't have them, and I'd be willing to wager that among those who do, it's more often than not the cheap pair that comes as part of a knife-block set. After all, as far as cooking equipment goes, scissors are somewhere on the "optional" end of the necessary-cooking-equipment spectrum, right?

Serious eats: The Best honing steel (Not sharpening steel!) For your Knife

by Daniel Gritzer

Ihave a bit of a kitchen knife–buying obsession. It helps that I can justify many of my purchases for work (how else am I going to write comprehensive reviews of chef's knives, bread knives, and paring knives?), but I'm still stuck trying to deal with the consequences of all those purchases: How do I store so many knives? Even if you don't purchase knives for work, there's a decent chance that you...

Conde Nast Traveler:
All the ourdoor gear I bought this spring

Our West Coast editor shares her favorite purchases, from hiking boots to a surfboard. By Rebecca Misner

Originally a left coaster, I spent as much of my childhood as I could barefoot and outside. Up until three years ago, I lived in NYC and longed for easier access to nature. Now, as the West Coast editor at Condé Nast Traveler, I’m based in San Francisco, and I love that I’m able to get to the city’s Ocean Beach or to great hiking...

Stumped on what to get her (again)?
Try these standout Holiday Gifts for your life

By Perri O. Blumberg and Brittany Smith

What do you get for that stylish yet casual special someone who’s as comfortable launching a holiday feast as she’s kicking back in cozy slippers with a homemade Neapolitan pizza? We’re so glad you asked. Here it is—your grand slam, all-purpose lineup of the best holiday gifts for your wife, covering those very bases (and a few bonus ones) to elate the most discerning giftee.

Don't use an electric knife to carve the turkey

By Elissa Sanci

If you’ve thought about investing in an electric carving knife ahead of Thanksgiving, you may want to reconsider. The vibrating serrated blades make quick work of slicing through juicy turkey breast, but that’s about all they can do—making an electric knife just another tool you need to clean at the end of the night. 

The WireCutter:

By Nicole Papantoniou

To say we love to cook and are obsessed with kitchen products in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technologies Lab is an understatement. Lucky for us, thousands of pitches filled with new cooking-related products and innovations, from knives to air fryers, cross our desks each year.

Give What you love

The handle of the Adventure Knife is big for a reason: This tool folds neatly away like a pocket knife, but when you open it up, you get a sharp and balanced chef's blade that's perfect for work on the go. When you’re done, give it a quick wipe, fold it, throw it in the bag and wash it when you get home. This knife merges hand-forged quality and innovative utility in a pocket knife writ very large. It does its job well.

The WireCutter:

By Michael Sullivan and Christine Cyr Clisset

If you’re looking for a high-end, truly superior set, we recommend the Messermeister Royale Elité 10-Piece Knife Block Set. The forged German blades are extremely well-balanced and sharp. Though they will require more frequent honing than some of the Japanese knives we tested, they were far more durable than all the other sets we tried in this price range. This Messermeister set...


By Kristin Hanes

Adam Glick is no stranger to the nomadic lifestyle. As a professional chef aboard yachts ranging from 90 to 225 feet, he always had a campervan at the ready in the marina parking lot.

In the beginning, back in 2008, Adam lived in a beat-up old van with no windows. He calls himself one of the original “van lifers”, long before it was something cool to show off on Instagram... 

The Top 6 German Knife Brands

If you’ve spent some time in the kitchen, then you know how important it is to have high-quality knives. Trying to chop vegetables or carve meat with a dull, low-quality knife just doesn’t compare! Here we’ve gathered plenty of information on the top German knife brands to simplify your search for the perfect knife.

As you read on, you’ll find that each knife brand comes with various benefits and drawbacks. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons against your expectations to find the ideal knives for your kitchen!

13 Best Knives for Carving Pumpkin

When it comes to carving pumpkins, it’s pretty hard to find a high-quality knife for this job. Those who don’t know what kind of knife to look for might end up with a pumpkin carving knife that’s dull and will break within a few uses, and that’s the last thing that you want. Locating the best knife for carving pumpkin requires some knowledge. Once you have them, you’ll be able to find many amazing options out there! They don’t have to be huge. In fact, the best knife for carving pumpkin isn’t necessarily that complicated! To make things clear, we’ll show you some of the best knives...

Our Favorite Tools for
a Tricked-Out Halloween

A few years back I bought a pumpkin-carving set at a touristy pumpkin farm only to find that the handful of nearly identical serrated knives were impossibly flimsy. I later upgraded to a Messermeister set, which includes larger and much sturdier tools: a spoonlike pumpkin scraper, a sawtooth carver, and a smaller etching device (which can also be used to carve citrus ribbons to garnish cocktails). My 8-year-old was able to successfully carve “X” eyes into his zombie pumpkin with the sawtooth knife, and my 3-year-old could scoop out the brains...

Messermeister's pumpkin
carving set is $7 shipped

By David Watsky

Call me basic, but one of the most fun parties my friends and I throw is a pumpkin carving soiree: some good food, fall beers and jack-o'-lanterns carved with varying levels of skill (I'm mostly there for the pumpkin ale). And if you're planning to turn a few gourds into gorgeous works of art this season, grab a high-quality Messermeister 3-piece pumpkin carving kit for just $7 (normally $30) plus free shipping at Pottery Barn.

A Complete Gift Guide For
The Food Lover In Your Life

The best part about a meal is rarely just the food itself. More often than not, it’s the connections, conversations, and friendships that make the experience special. At-home chefs, restaurant fanatics, and food influencers of all kinds would likely agree that their passion for the culinary world is rooted in the bonds they’ve made surrounding food as much as the actual flavors....

Chefs Love Ojai’s Messermeister Knives

If you’re not a chef, culinary school student, or avid home cook, Messermeister might be new to you. Translating from German to “knife master,” the company produces traditionally crafted yet innovatively designed knives from forging factories around the world: beefy German and sleek Japanese classics; wood-handled beauties from Italian olive and California walnut burl; and, just two years ago, the world’s first-ever, full-sized folding chef’s knife....