overland chef



Knives built for the elements

Going Overland requires the best gear that could be found. Usually, a ragtag arsenal of knives in a camp kit which included at least one everyday carry, an old Russian survival tool for clearing brush and fist full of kitchen knives that were expendable at the cost of abuse were what peopled needed. Crazy right? Messermeister dug deep into the world of bushcraft to put their spin on a pair of knives that are up to the challenge of performing the everyday chores encountered when going off the grid.

Introducing the Overland Chef knife collection by Messermeister made in Maniago, Italy. These knives are built to be rugged and versatile designed for any sized task around the campsite. Just because it's awesome, there's also a hidden bottle opener in the butt of the handle for your convenience. Kitted with a custom leather sheath, these knives can travel as far as you do.


• Extra thick spine for a stronger knife

• Razor sharp, 16° edge

 Attached bottle opener

• Handles designed for secure grip

• Less slippery in wet situations

• Handle not as affected by colder/warmer temperatures

• Balanced design

• Ballistic clip point strength allows for easier puncturing

• Safer to handle

• Easier to maneuver

 Stronger and tougher

• Does not easily rust if kept clean

• Full-tang

• Belt loop leather sheath for easy carrying


Ballistic clip point

Sharp all the way to the tip, a ballistic clip point adds additional strength and durability. It is tough enough to stick it in a log without fear of breaking off the point. Shave kindling, puncture meats and perform a multitude of tasks with this Bushcraft designed knife. 

60/40 Blade grind

By starting the blade grind 40% down the face of the blade, we’ve shifted the weight over the cutting edge. This blade geometry also makes the spine and handle junction exceptionally strong. No bent blades here.  

62 Rockwell, Nitro cobalt steel

Sharpness matters! For the best combination of edge retention, sharpen ability and corrosion resistance, we’ve spec’d a Nitrogen infused, Cobalt rich stainless steel alloy for the blade of our Overland Chef knives. Nitrogen improves toughness and the cobalt enhances hardness without reducing stain resistance. Together these elements give us a blade steel that can take and hold a fantastic edge. 

Raw canvas Micarta handles

Made from more than 40 layers of canvas and non-phenolic resin, this material has a reputation for being incredibly tough. Raw Micarta handles offer great traction when wet, but Micarta also has a very warm feel. These qualities are appreciated when making breakfast on a cold desert morning.

Our contoured handle design gives you plenty of contact surfaces for ultimate control. This includes a ramped bolster, finger notch and a tapered pommel which keeps the knife firmly in place through the roughest of tasks.

Lanyard eyelet with bottle opener

Even with gloved hands, our machined lanyard eyelet insures that you can maintain a secure grip. We’ve also hidden a bottle opener into the butt of the handle, just because it’s awesome