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The sharpest knives we’ve ever made, our new Kawashima knives grab attention with innovative design and modern materials. The blade is characterized by its curved geometry, wide surface area and razor sharp 15 degree cutting edge made from rare SG2 powdered steel. The distinctive curved handle design ensures comfort while working by releasing arm tension and allowing smoother movements. The result is a well-balanced, highly maneuverable tool that feels perfect in the hand without slipping or rubbing. Messermeister has partnered with legendary bladesmith Shoichi Kawashima to create the next generation of premium cutlery from Seki, Japan.

about the knife artisan

Messermeister designed the Kawashima knife collection with legendary bladesmith Shoichi Kawashima. The knives are made one at a time by artisans in Seki, Japan, using the very best layered blade steel. Our master knife maker believes in purposeful design which carefully considers the end-user’s experience with the finished product. With great devotion to his craft, Kawashima constantly pursues the perfect balance between beauty and performance. The knives that bear his name are at the peak of perfection in style, form and function.