Chef April Bloomfield Carbon Chef's Knife - 6.5


Serious cooks demand serious sharpness!
Messermeister’s new Carbon 6.5” Chef’s Knife, inspired and designed with April Bloomfield is anything but ordinary. This compact Chef’s knife has a deep wedge shape, raised handle, and shallow rocker, making it perfect for cutting on a board. It allows ample hand clearance and keeps the weight below the grip. The handle and blade have extra control surfaces, including a groove near the spine for an easy pinch grip. The knife’s curved design feels natural in your hand, and it performs with speed, responsiveness, and great control. 

As a personal touch, artwork by
Chef April Bloomfield adorns the back of the blade.



Our high carbon steel blades surpass stainless alloys in hardness and durability, maintaining their edge for extended periods and offering easy restoration. Messermeister introduces a performance-driven design for optimized cutting ability.

Featuring an extra-wide double bevel with a 15º edge, our intricate blade grind creates a ‘crowned’ spine and a reinforced tip, delivering razor-like performance without sacrificing strength. The ceramic stonewash finish enhances stain resistance and provides a unique look.

With a high handle position, a ramped bolster, and integrated control surfaces, our knives ensure maximum comfort and guide your hand to the perfect grip. 

Crafted from tough Spanish hardwood shavings stabilized with natural resins, the handles combine durability with a warm feel.


Handcrafted in Maniago, Italy

Performance Design

Bohler K110 High Carbon Steel with a Ceramic Stonewash Finish

Resin-stabilized Wood Handles

15 Degree Cutting Edge

The Knife for Life Warranty


61.3-61.7 Rockwell

60/40 Grind

2.5mm Spine

6.3/8" Blade

4.3/4" Handle

12" Overall


Carbon knives are sharp, but not fragile. Carbon steel is much tougher than stainless steel. It holds a fine edge up to twice as long and can be easily restored. 

Serious cooks rely on Carbon steel for blades that always perform at their best. To keep them looking great, follow these simple rules:


Hand wash and thoroughly dry them. 
Avoid using dishwashers.


Clean immediately, especially after cutting salty or acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus.


Regularly apply a light coat of mineral oil or cooking oil using a paper towel.

Over time, carbon steel forms a protective patina that is usually charcoal- colored. However, if exposed to oxygen and moisture, it can develop damaging red rust. To remove red rust, use products like Flitz or Barkeeper’s Friend, which have abrasives and a neutralizing agent. Alternatively, lightly scrub with a nylon brush and baking soda.

To protect your knife, apply a light coat of mineral oil to disperse moisture and allow the protective patina to develop. Avoid contact with corrosive agents like bleach, citric acid, vinegar, or salt, as they can cause corrosion, especially when the knife is new.


Chef April Bloomfield is a world renowned chef and true culinary icon. With a passion for bold flavors and meticulous attention to detail, her innovative approach to cooking and commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients have earned her widespread acclaim. From her humble beginnings in the UK to her success in worldwide, Chef Bloomfield continues to captivate and inspire. 

The dedication to her craft inspired our design team to elevate the compact Chef’s Knife to new heights. Her whimsy andartistry can be found detailed on the back of her knife.


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THE forge initiative

Our Mission:  
To shape the world for the better. 

The Forge Initiative is a collaboration between Messermeister and chefs to create innovative products. A portion of the proceeds goes to non-profit organizations chosen by the chefs.

Messermeister believes in giving back beyond the kitchen. Supporting non-profits has always been a core part of our identity. Over the years, we have partnered with various non-profit organizations. However, we wanted to establish partnerships that allow us to craft truly unique knives with our favorite chefs while making an even bigger impact.