Adventure Chef Collection 

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Reinvent campsite cooking with the Adventure Chef Collection. Easily prepare fresh food with the tools you carry with you wherever you go. Outfit yourself with full-size kitchen knives that are compact, portable & most of all, the same Messermeister chef grade quality used in the kitchen. We’ve selected unique natural and sustainable handle materials that are ergonomic, balanced, and rugged enough to be used outdoors.

"Whenever I’m out in the wild and I know I can only bring a few things, I need to be selective so they don’t weigh me down on route to my destination. Being that I always cook fresh food wherever I am, having a collection of compact tools to do the job was essential. I used to bring a bulky kitchen knife roll and my utility pocket knife on all my trips, even though wishing there was a better idea out there. Since I couldn’t find a chef grade solution I decided to design one myself. Enter the Adventure Chef Collection. A chef grade folding kitchen knife and set that stays with me wherever I go. I decided to partner with Messermeister for manufacturing since they are an industry favorite known for high-end quality in cutlery, kitchen tools, and luggage." — Chef Adam Glick

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Chef Adam Glick

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Rockie Harris
Rockie Harris

March 06, 2024

Wow I could use one of those adventure Chef Collection. It’s compact great for anywhere!

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