Knife Finder-TaskMeisters


Chop your way through large pieces of meat, poultry, tough vegetables and even bone with ease. Cleavers are great for heavy duty work because of their balance and heavy weight, but the blade edge is delicate enough to mince herbs.


This is a preferred knife for a broad range of carving chores, from large roasts to medium and smaller poultry. The narrow blade and pointed tip help separate meat from the bone and slice it into thin serving portions.


A boning knife is designed to remove bones from meat, poultry, game and fish. The tapered pointed blade provides excellent control and precision for cutting tasks that render maximum yield.


Flexible fillet knives have blades that are extremely pliable. This allows the blade to conform to the shape of the item that you are skinning, boning or filleting. Fillet large sides of salmon, de-bone trout or shave dried and cured meats with this style of knife