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Julie Madden, a native of the Pacific Northwest is a seasoned flight attendant for United Airlines, but her true passion soars beyond the clouds. 

While she is dedicated to ensuring safe and smooth journeys in the friendly skies, Julie is also tantalizing taste buds on the ground.

In the kitchen, Julie has always enjoyed creating mouth watering recipes and has a talent for turning simple meals into unforgettable feasts. 

But the allure of barbecue captivated her, and Julie purchased her first Traeger pellet grill. After mastering the art of grilling and smoking, her passion for cooking quickly turned ordinary gatherings into backyard barbecue extravaganzas. 

Julie combined another hobby, photography, with her new obsession with barbecue. She began posting her culinary creations, sharing her recipes, tips and tricks with others and her social media feed, Girl_Meets_Grill took flight. It wasn’t long before Traeger reached out and invited her to join their ambassador team. That relationship continues to flourish and Julie also enjoys partnerships and collaborations with related companies and various food enthusiasts.

Word of Julie’s culinary and bbq talents spread beyond her backyard, leading to opportunities to cater special events, cook backstage for popular music artists, feed famous athletes, teach bbq classes and volunteer for non-profit charity organizations. Julie has also become a regular, with bbq pitmaster Chad Ward, on the popular Dan Patrick show and most recently helped represent Chad and Traeger Grills with an appearance on ESPN College Game Day during their guest chef segment.

From friendly skies, to flavorful fires, Julie’s culinary dreams continue to soar alongside dreams of exploring the world.