Pull Through Sharpener


The Messermeister Pull Through Sharpener has become the honing (alignment) tool of choice for millions of Americans. One of the worst things people can do is pull a knife blade edge through a fixed V or set of cross rods because it is the same as scraping the sides of the edge against any fixed object. Messermeister introduces their Pull Through Sharpener with moving wheels, which lessens the scraping effect. The 2 stage honing and sharpening tool has a fine diamond wheel (for fine sharpening) and a ceramic wheel (for fine honing). Both wheels provide the least abrasive resistance and therefore are kinder and gentler to the knife edge. Available in our Messermeister blue. (Not recommended on our fine edge elite knives or our Japanese knives.)

Note: This device might leave scratches on the side of the knife blade.

  • Effective on blade angles of 15-20 degrees
  • 2-Step knife edge alignment
  • 800 Grit diamond wheel
  • 1200 Grit ceramic wheel
  • Non-skid feet for a stable base
  • 100% Messermeister quality
  • Hand wash
The Knife for Life™ Guarantee

The Knife for Life™ guarantee provides a warranty against material and manufacturing defects.