Teena Arora


San Francisco Bay Area

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Where can we find you?

CURRYSUTRA, Cooking Classes and Culinary Consulting

What is your favorite Messermeister knife and usage?

Meridian Elite Chef knife and Paring knife! I love their versatility with vegetables, especially tomatoes and onions.

What inspires you?

Professionally, Paul Bocuse and the pioneer chefs of Europe. Personally, my parents and aunties and ultimately myself.

Teena's Bio

Chef Teena is well known as, Currysutra® and has been teaching Indian vegetarian & vegan Indian cuisine in the San Francisco Bay Area for a decade. Her clients include Whole Foods, Salud Cooking & Lifestyles School in San Mateo, Stanford University's Avanti Dining Society at Governor's Corner, she has been a guest chef at Cavallo Point, the San Carlos Adult Center, and many private and corporate clients. Chef Teena Arora began her culinary journey at her family owned and operated Steakhouse, American Roadside, and Indian restaurants in the Midwest. Over the span of 25+ years, she was able to demonstrate and hone a multitude of skills in the food industry, but most notably Culinary Instruction & Education. In addition, Chef Teena has engaged in continuing education pursuits with the reputable, Shaw Academy. She has obtained foundational certificates in Personal Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Diet & Weight Loss. Chef Teena has also conducted wellness seminars in partnership with ConcernEAP for Corporate clients. From an academia standpoint, she has a Master’s degree in International Management & Marketing, and a Bachelor’s degree in South Asian Languages & Cultures, as well as Business Administration. Currently in the works is Teena’s passion project. A partnership with Atherton Appliance & Kitchens, Chef Teena offers an exquisite, one-of-a-kind culinary program known as "Explore Culinary Arts". Local and passionate chefs along with Chef Teena will be front and center of this new culinary experience! Come taste and see what sets these chefs apart from others in the industry. Enjoy an educational, intimate, relaxed and delicious evening at our Chef's table!