Steels & Stones

Steels & Stones

Messermeister provides a variety of different must-have tools for maintaining, sharpening and honing the edge of your knife. Choose from honing steels in traditional chrome plated, diamond plated and aluminum-oxide ceramic in different fine, medium and rough grit. We also offer water stones in different ranges of grits. There are many different tasks a stone may be used for from re-grinding the edge of your axe, fixing burs on a pocket knife, and polishing the fine edge of a chef’s knife. The method used on a sharpening stone is truly an art form and can be easily accomplished. Please visit our online Media Library to watch an instructional video with specific instructions on how to maintain your knife’s edge. 

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AG16 Sharpening Angle Guide
  • $7.95
ST/120-240 Two-Sided Water Stone 120 & 240 Grit
  • 13% off
  • $34.95
E/9100-10F Royale Elité 10 Inch Fine Steel
  • $139.95
E/6100-10F Oliva Elité 10 Inch Fine Steel
  • $137.95
4410-9R 9 Inch Regular Steel
  • $19.95
4410-9F 9 Inch Fine Steel
  • $19.95
5100-R Regular Steel
  • $39.95
5100-F Fine Steel
  • $49.95
6811-F Deluxe Fine Steel
  • $64.95
8100-10F 10 Inch Regular Flat Steel
  • $99.95
CR-F Ceramic Sharpening Rod
  • $34.95
DS-M Diamond Sharpening Steel
  • $29.95
Items: 112 of 18, per page