Sam Zien


San Diego, California

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Where can we find you?

Hosting Sam the Cooking Guy live cast.

What is your favorite Messermeister knife and usage?

The Royale Elite 9” Chef’s knife, this knife is my go-to in the kitchen, it is well balanced and has an incredibly sharp blade.

What inspires you?

My mom. She’s the most naturally talented and comfortable cook I know.

Sam's Bio

Sam Zien is the first to tell you that he is no chef. His television moniker, “Sam the Cooking Guy” emphasizes food made easy. He has found a way to make cooking casual and understandable. He started out and has maintained using no fancy equipment and leaving “chef-speak” out of his dialogue. He left his job at a bio-tech company to create a “regular person” travelogue. His plan was set into action, a team was assembled, and then 9/11 happened. Nobody was traveling anywhere and he quickly, changed his plans. Hanging on to the TV idea, he changed the concept of the show and would demystify something else, this happened to be cooking. “Sam the Cooking Guy” was inspired. Sam believed that cooking need to be simplified. For too long, TV chefs had tried to ‘impress’ with their food & style. Sam feels when there are a “ton of ingredients and a ton of steps”, it becomes overwhelming and people begin to think that they can’t cook. It’s not that they can’t cook-it’s that they don’t because they think it is too hard. So Sam thought it was about time for someone to make cooking easy! With no culinary training or television experience, Sam made a demo. With less than enthusiastic responses, and nothing to lose, he became a twice weekly standard on the morning news in San Diego. He found success, won 14 Emmy’s, became a national series on the Discovery Health Channel, and cookbook author!