Seafood Tool Bundle

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Our 3 Piece Seafood Tool Bundle is the perfect set for any Seafood lover. It includes a Shellfish Opener, Culinary Tweezers and Fish Pliers. 


The Messermeister Shellfish Opener & Knife is a specialized seafood tool for easy maneuvering around multiple types of bivalves. The non-slip handle ensures a steady grip. The wide stainless steel blade allows for extreme control and an abbreviated tip to easily separate shells. A bonus feature not standard to most shellfish knives is the protective hand guard separating the handle from the blade. Shuck and serve oysters, clams and mussels with efficient controlled ease.


The Messermeister Stainless Steel Culinary Tweezers are essential for removing fish bones and tomato or strawberry stems. Its unique, stainless steel construction allows for long-lasting durability.

Fish Pliers

The Messermeister Stainless Fish Pliers are a must have for removing bones from fish. Its unique stainless steel construction allows for long-lasting durability.