Jeffrey Nimer


Los Angeles, California

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Where can we find you?

Haute Chef’s LA

What is your favorite knife and usage?

The Messermeister Mu Fusion 10.5" Sashimi knife is my go-to blade for fileting fish.

What inspires you?

Georges Auguste Escoffier, the Father of Modern Cookery! He is simply, the single most important figure in classic French cuisine.  For me, it was always knowing that before you can move forward, you must understand the past...

Jeffrey's Bio

Chef Nimer is a James Beard nominated chef – classically French trained at Johnson & Wales Culinary School. As a Miami native, he worked with many talented and renowned chefs early in his career - including Douglas Rodriguez, Mark Mitello and opened the Blue Door at the Delano Hotel with George Marrone. He quickly became one of Miami’s “it” chefs, as the Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef of some of Miami’s most regarded restaurants of the time.
He was later recruited by the Loews Hotel Group in Santa Monica, where he helmed as the Executive Chef of the celebrated French restaurant, ‘Lavande.’  He soon ventured into the private chef sector and has been the go-to private chef for Forbes list regulars, Hollywood royalty, and entertainment industry A-Listers. In 2007, he created Haute Chefs LA as a boutique resource for all luxury chef needs.  It has since then expanded to offer stylish catering and boutique chef services.