Diego Felix


Buenos Aires, New York, Central Coast California

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Where can we find you?

Colectivo Felix- Culinary Performances in major cities across the U.S.

What is your favorite knife and usage?

The Messermeister Royale Elite 9” Stealth Chef Knife, I use it for everything.

What inspires you?

I really respect and admire Dan Barber for what he did for food culture, especially his investigations and research about ingredients.

Diego's Bio

Born and raised outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Diego grew up in a vegetarian/macrobiotic family. At the time, healthy food options were very simply prepared and used few flavors and ingredients. At the age of 22 Diego decided to travel throughout Latin America, ending up in Mexico. To get there, he had eaten his way through Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and other countries. This awakened his curiosity about Latin American food and indigenous ingredients. These experiences defined and influenced Diego’s rebelliously vibrant cuisine of his region, and decisively making him a performer of culinary art. Diego has become passionate about the cuisine of his region, using his work in the kitchen to support small-scale producers, and constantly researching the flavors and culinary knowledge of South America. Diego and Sanra Ritten, his wife and partner created Colectivo Felix in 2007 as a way to share and showcase their findings and experiences through the simple, yet monumental acts of cooking and appreciation of Latin American culture, the importance of edible biodiversity, and the necessity of small scale and ecological food producers. They are creating intimate dining experiences, spaces for celebration, and nourishment in the form of creative, artful cuisine. Currently, they have relocated to Santa Cruz, California and are planning their next culinary performance!