Bernardo comes from a long line of knife grinders. In 1950, his dad Antonio migrated from Italy to Canada and start a knife sharpening service. This service provided the customer with a knife and then exchanged it every week with a sharp knife. This idea and method of servicing cutlery allowed Nella to expand from 2 mobile sharpening trucks to 25. Nella began this service in Hamilton, Ontario and quickly expanded to service all major cities in Ontario, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Bernardo took over his fathers business and had his own shop where he would sell and sharpen knives in Washington. He saw a bicycle sharpener in a bike magazine and became fascinated with it. Today he has built two sharpening bikes. For the love of the ride and craft of sharpening, he rides the bike many miles service his customers. Once he arrives at his destination he converts his bike into a sharpener. Bernando is truly of master of knives.

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