Whether you’re at home, or working in a high-volume restaurant or a small bakery, having the right bread knife is essential to make slicing bread easy and efficient. At Messermeister, we want to make sure you’re matched with the perfect knife for your needs, so here are some things to consider when shopping for bread knives.

  1. Blade Type

Scalloped bread knives come equipped with several different blade types. Depending on your needs, one might serve you better than another. The standard scalloped blade type is made with rounded serrations and there’s no point on the end of the knife. There are also bread knives with pointed serrations, best suited for cutting hard, crusty bread without crushing the inside, as well as things like melons and rind fruits. We like the term “scalloped slicer” over “bread knife”, as these knives are well suited for more than the task of cutting bread; their scalloped edge makes this knife also great for slicing tomatoes, pineapple as well as turkey and other delicate meats. 

  1. Blade Length

Blade length is also another important consideration to make when shopping for a bread knife, as longer, narrower blades will minimize the amount of cutting you’ll need to do to create thin, even slices. However, the standard length of any bread knife is approximately 7 inches to 10 inches. Generally speaking, the longer the knife, the more efficient it is to work with, which is something to consider when working in a busy kitchen.

  1. Number of Serrations

The number of scallops or serrations on a bread knife can vary. It’s often assumed that the more scallops or serrations the better, however, the opposite is actually true. This is because the fewer serrations there are, the more force is needed behind each slice, reducing friction, and making bread slicing much more efficient.

  1. Blade Material

Last, but certainly not least, bread knives come in a variety of materials. However, the standard bread knife for in today’s kitchen is designed with a stainless-steel blade or high-carbon steel blade. The benefit of the latter is that they’re more durable and last longer, as well as staying sharp longer.

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Olivia Zoey

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