Avanta Pakkawood Steak Knife Set Featured on The Sweethome

Apr 26, 2016

  • Product featured: Avanta Pakkawood Steak Knife Set
  • Publication: The Sweethome
  • Article Title: Great Wedding Registry Gift Ideas
  • Author: Casey Johnston 

    When steak—or any serious cut of meat—is on the table, a set of steak knives should be, too. After 40 hours of research, interviews, and testing, we found that the Messermeister Avanta Pakkawood knives were not only beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold but also as high-performing as knives six times their price.

    The Messermeisters have a long and upswept blade—the ideal steak knife shape, resulting from centuries of evolution. The length allows the knife to slice through even a thick steak in one stroke, and the upswept tip lets your elbow move up as you slice instead of back, where you might strike your chair or a waiter. Moreover, these knives are extremely sharp, with edges that are evenly ground and finely honed.

    The handles are finished with pakkawood—an industry term for resin-impregnated natural wood—instead of the more-common cheap plastic or unfinished wood, making them stronger, more durable, and more stable than other steak knives in their price range. Depending on the size of your family or how frequently you entertain, you may want to register for two sets."