The Pumpkin Meister Kit II Featured in Boston Globe

Oct 25, 2016

  • Product featured: Pumpkin Meister Kit II
  • Publication: Boston Globe
  • Article Title: The Easy Way To Carve A Jack-O’-Lantern
  • Author: Ann Trieger Kurland
  • Article Link: Click Here
  • "You don’t need to be a pro to hand-carve an artful jack-o’-lantern, especially if you have the right tools. You can easily create a ghoulish face with the Pumpkin Meister Kit from Messermeister ($20 to $25). The three-piece stainless steel set, with large orange handles, includes a scoop, carving knife, and etching tool. Clean out seeds and pulp with the tooth-edged scoop (which can be useful year-round for avocados, squash, and melons). Use the saw-like carver to cut out patterns. The edging tool is good for carving designs and adding details, like eyebrows. Select a pumpkin with a smooth, flat face. The lighter its skin, the softer it is, and the easier it will be to carve...