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Pro-Touch Citrus Zester

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The Messermeister Pro-Touch Citrus Zester is a utensil for obtaining zest from lemons and other citrus fruit. A kitchen zester is approximately four inches long, with a handle and a curved metal end, the top of which is perforated with a row of round holes with sharpened rims. To operate, the zester is pressed with moderate force against the fruit and drawn across its peel. The rims cut the zest from the pith underneath. The zest is cut into ribbons, one drawn through each hole. Comes in black with a stainless steel zester.
Ideal for zesting citrus fruit.
  • Stainless steel “AISI420”
  • Large-size, soft-grip handle
  • 100% Messermeister quality
  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty