Royale Elité Sets

Royale Elité Sets

Royale Elité combines a beautiful American Walnut Burl handle to a fine German stainless steel alloy blade. Walnut burl features a rich deep brown flared pattern and is prized for its hard, strong characteristic as a handle material. The blade is one piece of hot dropped hammer forged German high carbon stainless steel that has been hand crafted into a fine cutting instrument. This vintage style knife is one of a kind and sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

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E/9000-2CP Royale Elité 2 Piece Chef's Knife & Parer Set
  • 20% off
  • $199.95
E/9000-2KS Royale Elité 2 Piece Kullenschliff Carving Set
  • $349.95
E/9000-3S Royale Elité 3 Piece Starter Set
  • $439.95
E/9000-3T Royale Elité 3 Piece Trio Set
  • 21% off
  • $299.95
E/9000-4SB Royale Elité 4 Piece Gourmet Set
  • $599.95
E/9000-5S Royale Elité 5 Piece Knife Block Set
  • 17% off
  • $499.95
E/9000-6S Royale Elité 6 Piece Knife Block Set
  • $689.95
E/9683-4/4S Royale Elité 4 Piece Multi-Edge Steak Knife Set
  • $439.95
E/9683-4/6S Royale Elité 6 Piece Multi-Edge Steak Knife Set
  • $649.95