Dave Martin


New York, NY

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Where can we find you?

Chef and Founder of Dave’s Homemade

What is your favorite knife and usage?

The Messermeister Meridian Elité 9” Chef’s knife. “It’s a great everyday chef’s knife for all kitchen applications from cutting veggies to slicing fruit. I use my original set of Messermeister knives from my days in cooking school and even on the first season of Top Chef.”

What inspires you?

I admire Wolfgang Puck for his contributions to the culinary world, plus, he is just a cool guy!

Dave's Bio

In 2006, Dave took a chance on a new reality show called ‘Top Chef ‘. Leaving the tech world far behind, the show proved to be an incredible opportunity for him where he could get out there and show that he could thrive under pressure. Viewers fell in love with Dave’s personality along with his ability to transform old school dishes into updated comfort food classics. After making it to the finale, Dave has found himself and his food continually in the spotlight. By 2009, Dave’s desire to reach the masses pushed him to publish his first cookbook, Dave’s Homemade, Volume 1 followed up in 2010 with Volume 2 thanks to popular demand. In 2012, he introduced Dave’s Homemade, his chef inspired line of artisanal sauces and rubs that can help any home cook elevate what they’re making at home. When Dave isn’t working on restaurant projects or hosting immersions on food trends for major food companies, he’s running his events division. Producing interactive corporate events for companies like Cisco Systems, Oracle, NBC & Estee Lauder to large scale programming across the country for Tufts University and Women’s Health Magazine. Cooking classes, intimate dinner parties and wine pairing events in wine country like Willamette Valley, Santa Barbara and Los Olivos round out the roster. It’s all about food, wine, spirits and travel in Dave’s world where he’s trying to take it all one day at a time. Dave is making his way back to the small screen this year and more details will be coming soon.