Bonnie Belknap


Portland, Oregon

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Where can we find you?

Gourmet Proppers, catering to the entertainment industry

What is your favorite knife and usage?

Royal Elite 7 Inch Kullenschliff Santoku Knife

What inspires you?

My mother was a fantastic hostess with a diverse palate. Our nightly family dinners were inspired by different cultures and we were able to taste many different kinds of foods.

Bonnie's Bio

Bonnie Belknap is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. She is the owner and creator of Gourmet Proppers, a catering and “food prop” company that was established for Hollywood in 1984. She supplies studio sets with food that will be filmed through the camera lens. Her creations are not always for consumption. She once built out a massive seafood buffet on the movie set of Dragnet, which was the center of a gun battle. When she cooks for the camera, the way food looks is often more important than how it tastes. Her talents are not limited to set props, but is also known for teaching actors how to cook for an upcoming role or can cater to specific tastes and dietary restrictions.

Having received numerous accolades and her culinary creations appearing in over 1,000 feature film, television and commercial credits, she has built an incredible reputation.

Inspired by her childhood, Bonnie’s memories include grand parties hosted by her parents. Her mother was a perfect hostess who had a diverse palate and exquisite decorating skills. These qualities influenced their daily family dinners which were prompt and far from the ordinary. Other mentors besides her mother were Bonnie’s grandfather who was a restaurateur and chef and she was fortunate enough to have renowned chef Richard Nelson as a neighbor.

It was Richards nudging that persuaded Bonnie to go to culinary school. She was fortunate enough to be directly influenced by some of the culinary greats of modern time, Julia Childs, Alice Waters and James Beard, who were defining a style of American cooking.

She set the standard for culinary extremes and delights in Hollywood, but truly is a pioneer for her creativity, professionalism and versatility.