All About: A Paring Knife

Today’s post is about the 2nd most utilized knife in the kitchen, the paring knife, but more specifically a spear point paring knife.  There are many different paring knife shapes but this shape is the most common and versatile.

Spear Point Parer3691-45


The 3.1/2″ paring knife, with the blade that tapers to a point, is the most popular size.  The length of a paring knife can range anywhere between 2.1/2 to 4.1/2 inches.  Parer are considered to be the 2nd most often used knife in the kitchen and many home chefs have 3-4 in the drawer.  There are many ways to hold a paring knife.  The way one grips the knife really depends on the task at hand but it usually involve holding the food item by hand when making the cut.


This size blade is ideal for paring, peeling, scraping, slicing and trimming small fruits and vegetables.  It is perfect for chopping garlic and ginger and great for decorating fruit and vegetables.

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