All About: How to Select the Right Knife for Your Kitchen!

  1. For first time buyers, it’s important to “test drive” the knife.
  2. Find a retailer with a selection of brands and a demo area.
  3. Preferably, try to find a retailer with both Asian and European styles.
  4. Everyone likes to have choices!
  5. Request the most knowledgeable sales person and ask for chef’s knives.
  6. Ask to see both molded and triple rivet handles in a variety of materials.
  7. Know your grip preference, a pinch grip being the best for a bolstered blade.
  8. Pick up the chef’s knives and feel the heft, balance and comfort of the handle.
  9. If you can, bring an item to cut and feel the cutting power.
  10. It’s all about “feeling.”
  11. Looks and brand can be important, but inevitably you enjoy cutting because of “feeling.”
  12. Check the construction to see that handles meet bolsters with seamless joints.
  13. Ask about the steel alloys, the handle materials and the edge.
  14. The edge should be a fine one that can be easily re-sharpened over and over and brought back to out of the box factory sharpness.
  15. The handle should be comfortable and built of materials that resist breaking, warping, splitting or checking.
  16. See and feel the quality!
  17. Select knives that are made of commercial quality components such as German steel alloy, polyoxymethylene handles, and stainless steel rivets. Buy brands that are made in factories staffed with old world craftsman that have stood the test of time. These knives will last a lifetime if properly honed, occasionally sharpened, and treated as fine tools.
  18. The knife should be guaranteed for your lifetime! The Knife for Life!
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