Bennie Kendrick


Santa Maria, California

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Where can we find you?

Instagram @kendrick_bbq

What is your favorite knife and usage?

The Royale Elité 10” Chef’s Knife is my first choice to slice grilled and smoked meats.

What inspires you?

Kendrick’s culinary inspiration is Chad Ward of Whiskey Bent BBQ and Traeger Grills. Ward is someone that Kendrick has looked up to for many years but now is a mentor and a friend.  He credits Ward’s support and belief in him is a direct correlation of his success.

Bennie's Bio

Bennie Kendrick is native to the central coast of California, specifically the barbecue loving town of Santa Maria, known for its unique style of barbecue - simply seasoned and cooked on a grill over open flame. The childhood memories of barbequing with his grandfather have acted as a source of culinary inspiration for Kendrick. He is a humble, hardworking guy who has always had a hankering for barbeque. He purchased his first Traegar Grill two years ago on a whim, looking for relief from battling depression over the loss of his older brother. He was immediately intrigued by the Traegar Grill’s ability to put out awesome barbeque, smoked and baked goods - even desserts, but little did he know the extent of the positive impact it would have on his life.  What started as a hobby has turned into a full-fledged passion. Kendrick began posting photos of his creations on Instagram. His posts were showered with positive feedback, and he was soon noticed and contacted directly by Traegar Grills. Currently, he cooks at least 5 days a week for his family and friends, has gained a following of over 75K people, has achieved the notoriety of being associated with Traegar Grills, but is still a down to earth guy who transformed a hobby into a platform that is positive, educational, and fulfilling.